Medical care initiatives

We will guide you for the work on the Novel Coronavirus of medical care.

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① Wearing a staff mask

The staff will wear masks so that customers can use the service with peace of mind.

In addition, gloves, protective clothing, face shields, etc. may be worn for some operations.

* For outdoor workers, from the viewpoint of heat stroke prevention, etc., we may not wear a mask while maintaining social distance.

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② Always provide a hygienic and clean environment

  • In the facility, sodium hypochlorite is used three times a day for touching parts such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, toilet flush levers, handrails, electric switches, and elevator push buttons. Disinfect the toilet.

  • We regularly disinfect and disinfect equipment such as wheelchairs.

  • We perform sterilization and antibacterial use of non-chemical, alcohol-free sterilization and antibacterial agent "Citra Buster * ¹" made only of plant-derived ingredients.

  • Ventilate the facility by constantly using the ventilation equipment and opening the windows except in bad weather and strong winds.

  • Spatial sterilization is performed using Panasonic's hypochlorous acid spatial sterilization deodorizer "Ziaino * ²".

  • Regular sterilization is performed in the shuttle car.


* ¹ "Citra Buster" is a non-chemical, alcohol-free disinfectant and antibacterial agent made only from plant-derived ingredients. The effect on the Novel Coronavirus has not been announced, but the effect on bacteria and viruses and the antibacterial effect lasting for one week have already been confirmed by research institutes. For more information, please visit the Citra Buster official website .


* ² The effect on the Novel Coronavirus has not been announced, but the inhibitory effect on bacteria and viruses adhering to the room has already been verified and demonstrated by research institutes. For more information, Panasonic web site ​q refer to.

③ Restrictions on visits

For the time being, we will refuse visits at all business establishments.


Online visits are available at all offices!

④ Correspondence to customers who come to the facility

As a general rule, we will respond to customers and vendors who come to the facility at the entrance.

In addition, when entering the facility for urgent inspection or repair of facility equipment, please check your physical condition, measure your body temperature, and wear a mask or faicial coverings (*).


* Refers to masks, face shields and mouse shields that have the effect of preventing droplet infection.


⑤ Change of service content

In order to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus infection, we may change the service to the following contents.

We will continue to strive to maintain the service as before, but please note that it may cause a burden and inconvenience to users and their families.


■ Providing services by visiting your home

We will provide as much service as possible, such as visiting the user's home and delivering a lunch box.


■ Confirmation of safety by phone

We will confirm your safety, health condition, meal contents and time, bathing and time, going out and going out by phone.


■ Reduction of service provision time

We will shorten the service provision time and provide services only to the minimum required services.


■ Change of service location

We will provide the service using other offices and places such as public halls.


⑥ Response to users suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus

In order to prevent the spread of infection and provide the user's own health and a safe and secure environment for other users, "There is fever, strong fatigue (malaise) and dyspnea (dyspnea). Please note that we may refuse the use of "people who have a fever" or change the content of the service provided.


In addition, if the resident user is found to be in poor physical condition such as fever, we will handle it in the living room.


⑦ Check the health status of staff

We thoroughly check the health condition for symptoms such as coughing and fever.

We measure our body temperature by ourselves before going to work, and if we have a fever of 37 degrees or higher or respiratory symptoms, we make sure that we do not go to work.

⑧ Staff infection prevention measures

We will continue to provide guidance on infectious disease prevention to all officers and employees.

Internal meetings / training and external meetings / training will be held and attended after taking measures to prevent infection.

In addition, to all employees, Salute. We rent the air purifying card "Ionia Card *" made by Lab.


 Not been effectively for the publication of the Novel Coronavirus, but it is the effect of suppressing the bacteria and viruses can be expected. For details, see Salute. Please visit the Lab website.